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It is easy to achieve top quality decoration for your products by trusting our printed shrink film, ultimately aimed for better product visibility in some of the most competitive retail environments. Our shrink film solutions can save you up to 40%, when compared to traditional cardboard packaging.

At LicaFlex, we produce hygiene disposable bags of all sizes and closure types. We strive to meet the industry’s toughest disposable bag standards by offering heavy-duty bags that will be of great assistance to building owners, housing authorities, food service providers, and much more.

Dry goods have very specific requirements regarding freshness and moisture control. To ensure a good shelf life and a great appearance, LicaFlex provides a unique barrier film and printing technologies to keep your baked goods fresh. We serve customers that sell anything from breads, to cereals, to confectionary products. Our flexible, specialty films and rigid packaging promise the best tender, love and care for all of your baked good products.

To keep snacks, cereals, crisps and other snack foods fresh and savoury, we offer a great selection of materials and resin combinations for your consumers to taste the LicaFlex difference. The shelf life and appearance are something we take at heart, and we make sure our solutions meet your needs. From keeping crisps crunchy and cookies crispy, we tailor our packaging materials and prints to suit your product lines.

Coffee beans and coffee grounds experience a great variation of taste and freshness depending on the packaging. LicaFlex seeks to enhance convenience and presentation with its’ coffee packaging solutions all the while promising the protection of flavors and characteristics with our high-performance barrier films to provide an end product staying fresh and aromatic throughout packaging and distribution.

LicaFlex promises to maintain well positioned in the market by continuing to provide sustainable and innovative solutions to meet your dairy product packaging requirements. By ensuring the protection and freshness of your products, whether it is cheese, milk or yogurt, we never cease to please our customers thanks to our full technical support and overall efficiency from the design process to the market process.

LicaFlex promises that your seafood products will arrive to its destination fresh and free from the hazards of transport. We offer packaging products for quick frozen seafood products and packaging designed for retail and institutional seafood distribution. Our concerns with consumer confidence, health concerns and convenience help us to constantly improve our solutions to keep up with the latest technologies in seafood packaging.

The challenges that arise from meat and poultry packaging require more specialization in terms of protection, shelf life, appearance and suitability. LicaFlex’s innovative and sustainable solutions were developed with the help of food processors and provide the highest level of performance and quality. We provide the best combination of oxygen and moisture barriers to preserve freshness and flavor.

From mulch to fertilizer, we understand the need for a durable yet sustainable lawn and garden packaging solution. LicaFlex offers product packaging that promises freshness and moisture barriers for your products. We provide long lasting packaging for a wide range of granular lawn and garden products, and are committed to supplying versatile solutions to our customers.

Freshness enrichment and quality improvement are two components of our produce packaging that we continue to provide to our customers. We want to make sure that your produce is as fresh as possible for your consumers and that the packaging is convenient and easy to use. At LicaFlex, we continue to improve our solutions as the fresh-cut produce industry grows larger and more sophisticated.

LicaFlex promises to be able to meet practically all pet food packaging demands through our top quality standards, sensible handling and prolonged shelf life. By offering brand image consistency for your products with our packaging, our solutions are eye-catching and attractive to customers purchasing your brand of pet foods. Our products ensure the perfect combination of moisture and oxygen barriers to conserve pet foods.