Bio-Based Polyethylene Resin from Renewable Sources

BIO-LICA is a BioSourced Resin and 100% Recyclable


A greener future for the packaging industry

The use of renewable raw materials has been very popular in recent years. This is due to the increasing awareness of enviromental issues among the population.

For the same purpose, LicaFlex aims to meet all the concerns of these customers including, environmental, and to make the plastic better. We offer an alternative that accommodates all those who care about ecology and the environment. Therefore, we recommend you our new eco-friendly, biosourced and recyclable product: BIO-LICA.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Post-Consumer Recycled plastic, from plastic waste generated by consumers

PCR Film

PCR post recycled recycled plastic packaging

What is PCR?

PCR stands for Post-Consumer Recycled plastic, which refers to plastic that has been recycled from plastic waste generated by consumers, rather than from industrial or commercial sources.

PCR is produced by collecting and processing used plastic items, such as water bottles, food packaging, and other single-use plastic products that are typically discarded after use. The collected plastic waste is then sorted, cleaned, shredded, melted down, and then reformed into new plastic products.

The use of PCR in the manufacturing of plastic products can help to reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfills and oceans, and it can also help to reduce the demand for new plastic production. Many companies are increasingly using PCR in their products and packaging, and consumers can look for products made with PCR as a way to support sustainable practices and reduce their environmental impact.

Benefits of Sustainable Packaging


According to the demand of our customers, Bio-Lica can be partially or entirely made from renewable resources, while traditional polyethylene uses fossil raw materials, such as, petroleum or natural gas.

The raw material used helps capture and sequester CO2 from the atmosphere, reducing greenhouse gases.

Bio-Lica retains the same properties, performance and versatility of application as polyethylene from fossil origin - making it easy to use immediately in the plastics production chain.

It can also be recycled in the same traditional polyethylene recycling chain and is also suitable for food contact.

In addition, the raw material used to produce Bio-Lica complies with ASTM D6866 (Standard Test Methods for Determining the Biobased Content) and has been certified by internationally renowned organizations (Beta Analytic, Vinçotte, ISCC/Bonsucro, etc.).

For more information on Bio-Lica, please consult our representatives.